Saturday, February 18, 2006

Home Alone

"ARGH!" That's me, today, with Di and Judah visiting Lil' Wil and Ambrosia (er, Amber) and Tara and Willie in Massachusetts. I miss them terribly, but today was magical doing nearly nothing since this time last night. Got home around 10, had a late dinner, fell asleep watching The Great Raid, woke up around 9:30, finished The Great Raid, did devos, bounced between Food Network and ESPN, went to the bank, bought a sandwich and wonton soup for lunch and a skirt steak for dinner, took a nap after lunch, watched some nature shows on PBS, cooked dinner, soaked in a hot bath, watched NBA All-Star programming until a Mario Batali special grabbed my attention back on Food Network. Now this. Going to bed soon. An unapologetically restful day. Wow! Needed one of these. Tomorrow I'm back at Cornerstone after last week's snow, preaching three services in the morning and making a presentation at night, with Brandon's 8th birthday party in between.


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