Friday, February 17, 2006

Wikipedia's report on New York's schools

"The New York City public school system, the New York City Department of Education, is the largest in the United States. More than one million students are taught in 1,200 separate schools. Because of its immense size -- there are more students in the system than residents in eight US states -- the New York City public school system is the most influential in the United States. New experiments in education, text book revisions, and new teaching methods must work in New York to be viable in the rest of the country. "Dedication to the sciences starts early for many New Yorkers, who have the chance to attend such selective specialized high schools as Manhattan's Stuyvesant High School, CUNY-run Hunter College High School (the public school which sends the highest percentage of its graduates to Ivy League schools in the United States), Bronx High School of Science (which boasts the largest number of graduates who are Nobel Laureates of any high school in the world), Brooklyn Technical High School, and Staten Island Technical High School. The Brooklyn High School of the Arts is the only high school in the United States with a curriculum in Historic Preservation. The controversial Harvey Milk High School, named for a gay San Francisco city supervisor assassinated in 1978, is the only public high school in the United States for gay, lesbian, and transgendered students. "There are about 1,000 additional privately-run secular and religious schools in New York. These include some of the most prestigious private schools in the United States, such as The Dalton School, The Brearley School, and Horace Mann School."


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