Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Overdue appreciation

Many of you know my personal friend and colleague Louis "CoCo" Carlo (rt. at top, with Jonathan and Xpress teens this fall) from his innumerable contributions to Generation Xcel the last three years. 2006 sees him embarking on a new phase of ministry as he leaves the Xcel staff to finish his degree and record his first worship album. (He remains worship minister at Abounding Grace.) Every moment CoCo spent with Xcel was treasured time, both for his unique contributions to our organization and also as a season for him to discover his own prophetic voice as a psalmist. He joined the staff as a full-time youth outreach worker in the fall of 2002; helped launch Xcel's film program in spring 2003 with the "Family Portrait" music video; facilitated ten teenagers who co-founded Xpress in September 2003; directed Xpress for two and a half years; produced and directed numerous events including three Celebrations of Xcellence, carnivals, outreaches, and five Xpress productions; assisted with the XL Service Corps and Chain Reaction (NY); and conducted a community assessment this past summer. CoCo leaves big footprints behind as his vision and compassion impacted hundreds of youth, most notably those who served so closely with him at Xpress. We rejoice with him at what his future holds.


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