Monday, February 13, 2006

Snowed in

Yesterday, Cornerstone Christian Church's MissionFest, where I was scheduled to preach three morning services and conduct a ministry presentation last night, was postponed a week due to record setting snow-fall. The resulting day spent with the Parkers -- Rob and Sue and their clan (Brandon, Becky, Ben, and Luke), Uncle Rodger and Aunt Gail, Scott and Candice, and Chris -- was a blast. After spending the morning digging out of the snow, we reminisced and laughed and shared and prayed together. I even enjoyed Rob's lasagna (he has no idea how huge that is). After the Coalition meeting this morning -- where Dimas and I introduced Marcus Smalls, Walter Sotelo, and Kevin Young as the incoming co-chairs -- Judah and I spent the afternoon sledding. We've had so little snow this year, we couldn't miss the opportunity. Unfortunately I forgot my camera.


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