Thursday, February 16, 2006

What a tall, skinny Kiwi would say ...

... in response to the criticisms of the North American "emerging church" movement. HT: Bob. This caught my eye in part because of a recent question a friend asked about emerging church types and "truth." I'm new to this conversation, still trying to figure it out, but enjoying its nonjudgmental quest for how to "do church" more effectively and "be" Christ-like in contemporary cultures.

"My advice is to go back to the Scriptures, again and again, and back to the way of Jesus. It will get you in trouble, as it did Jesus, and you will be called a heretic, as he was. But you will be confident of His approval, if you imitate Him, for as the Father sent the Son, so He sends us. And you will also find the kind of success that the Father desires. " Article.


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