Friday, February 17, 2006


From, Ministry Leaders Urge Church to Support Urban Youth:

"Two million people in New York City, or 25 percent of the population there, are under age 18, yet they are unnoticed and trapped in education and economic systems that have failed. According to a story in the Christian Post, urban youth ministry leader Jeremy Del Rio led pastors to pray for these urban youth at the recent Pastors’ Prayer Summit. Sponsored by Concerts of Prayer Greater New York, the Jan. 23-25 conference, held in Mt. Bethel, PA, was the region’s largest annual gathering of pastors. 'I represent a generation of leaders who are desperate that the hearts of the fathers would turn back to their sons and their sons to their fathers,' said Del Rio, who serves with New York-based Generation Xcel. The prayer meeting’s topics included: lack of relationships, sexual identity crisis, HIV/AIDS, broken homes and gangs, and the suppression of younger congregants' desire to minister. 60 percent of elementary schools kids in NYC can’t read at grade level, and almost 65 percent can't perform math at grade level. 'They're graduating ill-equipped to live, and that's an injustice when 12 billion dollars are spent educating them,' said Del Rio, who believes the Church should not just criticize and take Christians out of the school system, but empower the youth to engage and restore the structure from within. Jesus lived and worked in the ghettos, Del Rio noted, and was able to identify with at-risk kids." HT: Katie Sweeting.


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