Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Bono on Message

Following his outstanding Prayer Breakfast speech last week, Bono went on the record about more intimate details of his own spiritual journey. PBS reports:

"[Bono] said in the last 10 years he's really engaged with Scripture. He told us he reads THE MESSAGE, a translation of the Bible popular with evangelicals that was compiled by an American mainline pastor, Eugene Peterson, whom Bono called 'a gifted scholar and poet.' Bono said lately he's been struck by Isaiah 58, and particularly verse 8, which in several translations says if you help the poor, the Lord will be 'your rearguard.' Bono told us, 'God will watch your back. I love the street aspect of that.' Then he quietly added, 'And it's really been true in my own life.'" Article.
Christianity Today weighs in as well.


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