Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Feedback from the Prayer Summit

"After hearing today’s discussion, in the sixties we would have said 'Right on.' Then and now, there need to be those who can bring diverse perspectives together and create opportunities for partnership." - Ron Mitchell, Coordinator, Hope Africa Project, New York
"80% of the people giving their lives to the Lord are 18 and younger. The church is spending 80% of its finances on people 18 and older. Resources need to be redirected to reach the next generation." - Phil Maxwell, Senior Pastor, Gateway Baptist Church, Bridgewater, NJ "God has always used young people to start radical movements. We need to equip young people and take them seriously. If we don’t, the world will." - Zola Allen, Youth Pastor, New Life Church, Elmhurst, NY
Sonya collected more feedback from the Prayer Summit and posted it here.


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