Saturday, February 04, 2006

Embracing the mess

That's how Rick Warren's Ministry Toolbox describes Generation Xcel in a recent article. In a second article, "Inner-city New York ministry impacts, helps teens overcome loss of parents," the Toolbox features the testimonies of Xcel co-founder Mei-Ling Garcia and Xpress co-founder Kevin Cedeno.

"'What else was there to do?' asks Garcia, at 26 one of the ministry's success stories. 'There were no other alternatives. That's exactly what I hoped Xcel would be when I became a co-founder – an alternative to the streets.' ..."
"'I was hanging on the ropes,' Cedeno said of his status in October of 2002. 'With their help and love and showing me there was hope, I felt motivated. I felt there was a future.' ..."


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