Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Orlando Round-up

Last week's Orlando trip was an unexpected blessing on many levels. First was the opportunity to get out of the city for three days and even enjoy a Disney hammock swaying between two palm trees one afternoon. Second was hearing firsthand about the upcoming Willow Creek Leadership Summit, including the announcement of the speaker lineup. Third was hanging out with friends like Roger McPhail and Mac Pier and Adam Durso and Joseph and Melissa Cortese and Terry Smith and Fred Provencher and Mark Gregori and Tim Mercaldo and Andy Puleo and the Concerts of Prayer team and so many others. Fourth was meeting brothers and sisters from the Willow Creek Association like Jim Mellado, Steve and Valerie Bell, and Paul Braoudakis. Fifth was spending Friday afternoon at the offices of Strang Communications and Relevant Media Group meeting writers and editors including Maureen Eha (features editor, Charisma), who made for a wonderfully engaging and gracious host; Adrienne Gaines (news editor, Charisma); Eric Tiansay (editor, New Man); Allen Quain (manager, Creation House); and Tyler Clark (managing editor, Relevant). Thanks to all for making the trip memorable.


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