Monday, December 26, 2005

New Years blog resolution

My first year of blogging has been a blast! As a repressed writer, it's been a wonderfully liberating outlet to put e-pen to virtual paper and refine ideas for feedback and discussion. It's also helped establish new friendships and deepen old ones. And it never hurts that in my own corner of cyberspace I can brag about my family without reprisal! Last year the blogging thing was an e-xperiment for me. I enjoyed it so much that next year I hope to grow as a blogger in the following ways:

1. Engage discussions at other blogs more frequently. 2. Learn more about who reads this blog, and establish new cyber friendships. 3. Create an online space where people can ask hard questions. 4. Figure out how to provoke more conversations.
What are other improvements you would like to see here in 2006?


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