Monday, December 26, 2005

My favorite things from 2005

This is just a sampling... TV Shows Law and Order Law and Order: SVU Law and Order: Criminal Intent VH1: Driven American Chopper Iron Chef America Almost anything else on Food Network Sports Center Yankee Games on YES MSNBC or Fox News or MTV/VH1 or History Channel or PBS Emerican Experience to kill time Books Blue Like Jazz A New Kind of Christian The Revolution will not be Televised 1776 Blink Summoned to Lead The Story We Find Ourselves in Searching for God Knows What Tipping Point The Last Word and the Word After That Unfinished Books Freakonomics Mystery of Capital Pop Culture Moment U2 concert at Staples Center, luxury box seats Seeing Chronicles of Narnia on big screen Introducing Judah to Star Wars movies Giving Judah a bicycle, Nintendo DS, sporting equipment, and a NY Giants jersey for Christmas and his birthday Discovering my teens are all blogging Taking Judah to Baseball Hall of Fame Ministry Moments Judah's response to BibleMan Praying with Billy Graham moments before his final sermon Hiring Xcel graduates as staff Navigating leadership transitions at Coalition, Xcel After School, and Xpress Watching 3 Xcellers share testimonies on Jumbotron at Billy Graham Crusade Speaking more Writing more Teaching at Alliance Theological Seminary Favorite New Music Ozomatli New (old) Hobbies Cooking Building legos and playing action figures with Judah


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