Sunday, June 26, 2005

Proud poppa

Saturday's Crusade program featured two videos profiling six New York City teens who love Jesus. Four of the six are dear friends of mine. Three are from Generation Xcel: Loreal Torres, Amanda DeJesus, and Eric Velez. Lori I've known for twelve or so years, Amanda for eight or nine, and Eric for four. All were youth leaders in the youth group I pastored at Abounding Grace, and all three were honored at this year's Celebration of Xcellence. Amanda and Eric were quoted in Saturday's NY Newsday.

Amanda, jumbo-sized Loreal, al la jumbo

The fourth, Anthony Liatsis, I've known since he was a baby. His mom Nancy was my Sunday school teacher and is my son's KinderMusik teacher, and his dad was a surrogate youth pastor when my church didn't have a youth ministry. I can't overstate how proud I was watching their oversized faces on the jumbotrons and listening to them boldly proclaim their faith to 80,000 New Yorkers, and the world, via real-time streaming video webcasts and radio simulcasts.


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