Monday, October 17, 2005

Ten Facts About New York City's Children

1. One out of every 4 people in NYC is a child. 2. Every day 337 babies are born to NYC residents. 3. Every day 2 babies die before their first birthday. 4. Every day many babies are born at risk:

  • 174 babies are born into poor families.
  • 25 babies are born to teen parents.
  • 22 babies are born to mother with inadequate prenatal care.
  • 29 babies are born with low birthweight.
5. Every day 541,985 children live in poverty. 6. Every day 16,404 children are homeless. 7. Every 4 days a young person under 19 is murdered. 8. Every day 57% of all elementary and middle school students read below State & City standards. 9. Every week 15,168 children use mental health services. 10. Every day 144 children are reported abused or neglected. And for affect, my favorite: 11. 1.1 million public school students, making the New York City public school population, by itself, the tenth largest city in America! (Source: Keeping Track of New York's Children, Citizens Committee for Children)


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