Monday, October 17, 2005

Speaking of the good million dollar athletes could do

Imagine if the New York Yankees players, as a team, contributed 1% of their $210 million payroll to a common cause this year, which King George matched on behalf of the Empire. $4.2 million's nothing to sneeze at. Now imagine, hypothetically speaking, that Generation Xcel, was that cause. We could operate approximately 56 Xcel After School programs and serve 1,750-2,000 at-risk kids with quality after school care with that funding. Then again, imagine the Yankees tithed to the cause. $42 million would translate into 560 sites at 170,000-220,000 kids served, or roughly half the kids in New York City that live below the poverty line. And keep in mind that these numbers do not factor in cost savings and efficiencies that would be generated by achieving economies of scale in our operations. If every professional athlete from New York City's six professional sports franchises contributed to the cause, every child living in poverty could receive quality after school care.


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