Sunday, October 16, 2005

GodBlogCon wrap up

DJ Chuang facilitated a breakout session on emerging church blogs at the GodBlogCon conference this weekend at Biola University, in between live blogging from the conference. He has various posts including the following excerpt from "GodBloggers Publish or Perish":

"Instead of having an answer to dispense and entice others to buy-in through persuasion, blogging is conducive for sharing thoughts and feelings and ideas, questions and doubts and notions that are not yet well-formed and well-defined. This tone fits some emerging church bloggers much better, at least for me. Takes a little more faith, that if we as followers of Christ, would just be, and share our humanity transparently and vulnerably, that normal people can see how Jesus makes a difference in the way we live and behave, without having to always dispense answers."
The AP reported on the conference here.


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