Saturday, June 10, 2006

Update on Abuelo

UPDATE, 6/12: Flew back to New York last night. A two hour delay put us at the gate in JFK at 1:25 am. Grandpa is still in a coma, but all the signs point towards improvement. Thanks again for all the well wishes and prayers for a miracle!


UPDATE, 6/10: - Today's bloodwork showed Abuelo's creatnin levels have declined from 9 (kidney failure) to 2 (normal kidney functioning).

- Changed the final screen shot in my commemorative video from "1928-2006" to "1928-20__" and finally "Una celebracion de vida" ("A Celebration of Life"). Hopefully we can show it to him for Father's Day?!?!


"Midnight is when the day begins." - Rudy

What a week we've had! Pentecost Sunday the doctors reported that Abuelo had days at most, if not hours, to live. Friends and family that needed to travel to Puerto Rico to pay respects should leave immediately.

Monday, the prognosis was confirmed: kidney failure, lung failure, and a brain scan showing "2," where 0 is brain-dead and normal is 8-14. The hospital moved him from ICU to a private room where the family could make him comfortable. Family continued to arrive, from NY, NJ, OH, FL, and throughout La Isla Encanta. The Del Rios are a big clan!

Then Monday night, he produced two bags of urine, the first in days, and Tuesday the swelling began to subside. By Thursday, the swelling was almost all gone. The neurologist conceeded that grandpa had exceeded all of their expectations by simply remaining alive, but reiterated that he was 100% dependent on the respirator; the bloodwork showed his kidneys were failing to filter out toxins; and the brain damage was irreversible.

Then Friday the docs conducted a second brain scan, expecting to see a drop-off below 2. Instead ... a 6! The doctor had never seen anything like it. The bloodwork showed fewer toxins, meaning the kidneys are rebounding. And now his lungs are functioning at 66% capacity.

Every night since Monday, 30 or so relatives have gathered in the hospital room for prayer and worship and remembrances and grieving, but tonight the atmosphere was different. Whereas yesterday resignation and mourning mixed with joy and love, tonight there was hope that we were witnessing a miracle. Grandpa coughed repeatedly, producing fleghm where earlier in the week there was none. But most surprising was the expressiveness of his face. As we sang, we saw glimpses of the old, expressive Felipe yearning to break free.

Who knows where this is all headed, but would you continue to join the family in believing God for a miracle? Thank you.


At 6/10/2006 09:19:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Thanks for the update. We will continue to keep your grandfather and your family in our prayers.

April from Tacoma

At 6/12/2006 04:24:00 PM, Blogger deanna said...

Wow! I love miracles!! Will continue to pray for your family and abuelo - and praises to God, from Whom all blessing flow!!


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