Friday, June 16, 2006

All things work together

Last December, the NFL family was rocked with the news that the Colts' classy head coach Tony Dungy's son James had committed suicide. (I blogged about it here and here.) In the months since then, Coach Dungy has coped with the tragedy with his usual grace and dignity. ESPN chronicles his story in a moving Father's Day article called "Amazing Grace":

"Dungy is able to live with what other parents who have lost children often describe as an unbearable pain because of his faith. Great coaches have the ability to see the game differently. Great men are able to view life's unfortunate circumstances from a unique perspective. Dungy's doing that.

"Dungy, a devout Christian, believes no matter what happens that all things work together for good for those who love the Lord. We're talking about a man who views it as a blessing that Pittsburgh moved him from quarterback to defensive back in the mid-1970s, because it was only then that he got to room with Donnie Shell, with whom Dungy would study the Bible as much as they did the Steelers' playbook." Article.



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