Sunday, January 01, 2006

When posts collide

In the last week, two stories repeatedly caught the attention of this blog: Tony Dungy's call for male role models following his son's apparent suicide and the impact of the internet on the so-called MySpace Generation. Today's NY Daily News brought the two threads together in an article, "The final hours of James Dungy," that attempted to unravel the mystery of why an apparently well-adjusted, well-loved teen would kill himself. Among the signs of trouble, the reporter found:

"Despite his many friends, the apparent direction he received from his family and the ease he had around people, including adults, Dungy had a personal page on that was quite stark. It included sexual images, references to weapons and marijuana, an anti-police epithet ("F--- the police," an allusion to an illicit-lyric N.W.A. rap song) and a photo of Dungy with his face obscured by a black bandana. The page has since been taken down."
One way or another, our kids are clamoring for our attention. Increasingly, they're doing it online. It's time to pay attention.


At 1/02/2006 01:58:00 PM, Blogger SWK 254 Understanding Diversity said...


this was the webpage that you and Rudy mentioned received more hits that google right?


At 1/02/2006 04:20:00 PM, Blogger Jeremy Del Rio said...

I think that was a Rudy mention, and I don't remember if he was referring to MySpace or not. According to BusinessWeek, MySpace ranked No. 15 on the U.S. Internet in terms of page hits in October. Not sure where Google ranked, but I'd be shocked if many websites are getting more hits than Google these days.


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