Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Celebrate Xcellence

“A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.” - Jackie Robinson 1919-1972 ________________________________________________
- From the program at Friday's Celebration of Xcellence (Generation Xcel's after school year-end awards night):
May 12, 2006 Dear Friends and Family: Nearly sixty years ago Jackie Robinson achieved the impossible. Even though no black man had ever before played Major League baseball, Mr. Robinson broke through decades of hate and bigotry and racism and injustice to become The First. His courage helped pave the way for Civil Rights and transform the nation. His legend continues to grow as his legacy continues to open doors for people. Ten years ago thirteen LES youth achieved the impossible. Even though they lacked money, space, equipment, and staff, they overcame stereotypes and bigotry and poverty and injustice to become The First Xcellers. Their courage paved the way for you and will continue to impact generations after you. You are now part of their legacy, and the positive impact you reproduce in others will make your life extraordinary. In Service, Jeremy
Congratulations to all award winners, including:
  • Kristina Diaz (Kristi Brattli Prize for Outstanding Staff Member)
  • Frank McDermott and Erika Borgensen (Founders Award for Leadership)
  • Jeannie Gergis (Jonathan Del Rio Award for Outstanding Volunteer)
  • Janita Rosado (Xceller of the Year)
  • Johnny Rivera (Xpresser of the Year)
  • All the other students and parents
Special thanks also to those who made the evening possible: We love you! Pictures coming soon.


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