Monday, May 15, 2006


Karol. A high school classmate of my brother Jonathan, Karol found me via Myspace. She's now a Republican political consultant here in New York. Courage. UrbanMinista. At the risk of betraying my New Yawk biases, I didn't realize there's a need for urban ministry in Arkansas. Matt, great to meet you online! I almost visited Memphis (Tennessee) earlier this month, but no go, yet. Hopefully soon. Steve Busey. He recently reviewed the talk Rudy and I gave at CCDA: "A converstion about ministry to/with the next generation of Leaders." Steve and an extensive posse of blog contributors are reviewing urban ministry resources from the likes of CCDA, UYWI, Techmission and others.


At 5/24/2006 02:39:00 PM, Blogger Steve Bussey said...

Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for the 'Shout-Out'

I attended your blogging class w. Neil Cox @ CCDA back in November in Indy and decided to give blogging a try.

Since then, I have been utilizing the blog to cultivate resources for youth workers.

The reason why we've been reviewing CCDA, UYWI, Techmission etc was because we bought the entire collection for our Training School library! In order to maximize this resource, I have been getting my students to review these workshops - they have really been inspired.

Keep up the great work!

Steve Bussey


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