Thursday, May 11, 2006

Rudy Makes the Road as he Walks

"High on a mountain in Puebla, Mexico, I snapped out of it. That day I encountered a Mexican poem that says, 'Caminante no hay camino/Se hace camino al andar.' Translation: 'Sojourner there is no road/You make the road as you walk.' Dr. Perkins had been saying this all along: Make the road as you walk." Article.
I watched Rudy practice what he preaches this week -- not the first time, mind you, but a remarkable testament worth blogging about here. On Friday (6 days ago), Rudy IM's me this book ("study guide") idea for Urban and Multiethnic Outreach, Vol. 1. I say, "Go for it! Sounds great. " Later he IM's me looking for "Best-of" article titles. Then he asks if I could write some reflection questions. "Sure," I say, not realizing that Rudy's on a mission. Sunday morning he emails me the manuscript, with a note asking if I could write the questions today (Sunday!). Fortunately I'm a night owl, so I wrote a few that evening. Then my schedule changed for Monday, so I was able to finish them by early Monday afternoon. An hour or two later, Rudy tells me he's done. The book is published and ready to purchase (print or digital). Four days from concept to publication. Rudy made the road to self-publishing as he walked in record time! Congratulations on a fantastic job and a classically provocative read. And thanks again for the opportunity to ride your coat tails on a wonderful project.


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