Thursday, March 02, 2006

Why celebrity Christianity is dangerous

It's not surprising that a video featuring a rock-and-roll singer and strippers might surface. But when the singer is Scott Stapp, who, as the former lead singer of Creed has walked a very public faith journey for over ten years, the revelations are embarrassing. Scott spoke candidly about that journey to Christianity Today in August 2004:

"What had triggered those spiritual changes in your life?

Stapp: A lot of personal things. I was hurt and beaten down. Five years ago, I had a divorce that I didn't really want. I was so busy with Creed that I don't think I ever really dealt with that emotionally. She [his ex-wife] elected not to be involved in my son's life, leaving me as a single father, and I was really worried about my little boy [Jagger, who turns 6 in October]. And there were other things that came along in the trappings of fame, things that hurt some of my relationships. So when I finally had time to reflect on everything, I was broken down to the point where I had no other way but to look up. I couldn't handle it all. I was asking a lot of questions—of myself, of God—looking for answers.

My dad always said I was hard-headed, that it would take something like that to wake me up spiritually, and I guess it did. My heart had gotten so beat up that I didn't have anything left to give. I was emotionally and spiritually dried up, so I was just searching for God. I reached out to my pastor and my father for some guidance. I was really soul searching and, I guess, on my path to coming home spiritually. And once that process began—and I'm still going through that process, and probably will for the rest of my life—that's when things started changing in my life. I started making some proper decisions, getting things in order. " Article.
The video was filmed during a "wild year" following his divorce. Pray for grace as he deals with the consequences of those actions.


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