Sunday, March 19, 2006

Top o' the St. Paddy's mornin' to ya

My wife's father's family is Irish, but as he passed away when she was young and she wasn't particularly close to his relatives growing up, she never really celebrated St. Patrick's Day. But her heritage means our son is 1/4 Irish (and 100% American with equal parts Italian, Puerto Rican and Norwegian). We took advantage of the day so I could cook with Guinness (Extra Stout), a first for this aspiring chef. Thanks again to Emeril, the lamb stew and baked cabbage was kicked way up a few notches. Bill, Boom2's boyfriend and our resident expert on all things Irish, raved about it saying it brought back fond childhood memories. We also took the occassion to teach Judah about St. Patrick, hero to church planters, emerging church types and missional Christians everywhere. Again we turned to Bill for insight, and he shared the story in wonderful detail. What I love most about St. Pat was his model for engaging the unchurched on matters of faith. His method has been called The Celtic Way of Evangelism and is described as:

  1. Establishing community with people, or bringing them into the fellowship of your community of faith;
  2. Within fellowship, engaging them in conversation, ministry, prayer, and worship;
  3. In time, as they discover that they now believe, inviting them to commit.
Using this method, he is credited with having planted 700 churches in a thoroughly pagan country and ordaining 1,000 indigenous priests who collectively converted an entire nation within two generations.


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