Friday, March 24, 2006

Time magazine is asking the important questions

More on a media saturated generation from, "Are Kids too plugged in?" (Time, 3/20/2006):

"Today 82 percent of kids are online by the seventh grade, according to the Pew Internet and American Life Project.

"The big finding of a 2005 survey of Americans ages 8 to 18 by the Kaiser Family Foundation is not that kids were spending a larger chunk of time using electronic media -- that was holding steady at 6.5 hours a day (could it possibly get any bigger?) -- but that they were packing more media exposure into that time: 8.5 hours' worth, thanks to "media multitasking" -- listening to iTunes, watching a DVD and IMing friends all at the same time. ...

"But there is no doubt that the phenomenon has reached a kind of warp speed in the era of Web-enabled computers, when it has become routine to conduct six IM conversations, watch American Idol on TV and Google the names of last season's finalists all at once.

"But what's the impact of this media consumption? And how are these multitasking devices changing how kids learn, reason and interact with one another? ..."


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