Friday, March 24, 2006

Start a Chain Reaction

UPCOMING CHAIN REACTION WEEKENDS Waco, TX: Fri. 4/7 – Sat.4/8 Baltimore, MD: Fri. 4/21 – Sat. 4/22 Lowell, MA: Fri. 5/5 – Sat. 5/6 FOR SUMMER DATES AND REGISTRATION INFO: WWW.CHAINREACTION.BE
The following email comes from the host pastor of the upcoming Chain Reaction Waco:
Hi Matt, Last week, I was on a mission trip in Mexico when you e-mailed me a statistic from Jay Stack that said, "88% of our students will leave the church after high school, but that number drops to 5% when parents model their faith and get their family involved in reaching others." When I heard that I thought, "I have to get this information out to my congregation because this is what the heart of Chain Reaction is all about! There's no better way to promote it than to do it with truth." Well, I did share this information and concluded by asking our church if they thought these 24 hours would be a good investment for the future of their family?!? Bottom line: The people "got it". On Monday morning I read the names of 91 people who signed up and are ready to engage in ministry and the most amazing thing; almost all of those signed up are families. Matt, I share this to encourage you and all the other pastors hosting a Chain Reaction to get the message out. Give your church the opportunity to "get it". They will!!! Thanks for facilitating ministry in "The Body". Kevin Harrison Senior Pastor Victorious Life Church


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