Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas reflections

First the bad news: Judah was sick for the fourth straight Christmas (he's only been alive for five of them!), this time with an inner ear infection that caused short-term hearing loss in his right ear, AND a stomach virus. Now the good news: Judah's always been a "great sick," so we still had fun. First words when he woke up on Chritsmas morning (after crawling into bed with mom and dad in the middle of the night): "Can I open my presents now?" Christmas Eve we celebrated at Diana's Uncle Roger and Aunt Teresa's house, after enjoying New Hope's Cantata ... which I left early to prevent the prime rib roast from overcooking. As it turns out, there was no need to worry. I prepared two roasts on the theory that one would be well done and the other medium/medium rare. The one I thought was well done was perfect for the medium/medium rare lovers. The other was, well, not done. The meat itself was delicious (as was the creamed spinach!), but if I'm going to be serious about this new hobby, my presentation skills need lots of improvement. Thank God for Roger and Teresa. 2005 has been a difficult year in many ways, but their steadfast love and support demonstrate that the Word still "becomes flesh and blood and moves into the neighbrohood." (John 1:14, The Message.) Boom 2 and Bill, Richie and Ellen, and of course Judah's incomparable big cousin Joey, made the evening special. Christmas morning was at mom and dad's home, then we drove to New Jersey to hang with mom's side of the family. Great times! Kevin and Erika are nearly 18 and applying to college. Juliann is a Princeton sophomore who was just elected "publisher" of a campus magazine and spent a summer in China. Eleven-year-old Christian is a wiry athlete whom Judah absolutely adores. Uncles Donnie and Richie (mom's younger brothers) and Aunts Barbara and Michele are four of the sweetest people alive (albeit with a biting sense of humor!). Pictures will be posted soon.


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