Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Stark raving mad

His vanity license plate identifies him as "Pastor." He was credentialed over the objections of local ministers by a reputable denomination, and leads a small congregation of mostly single adults in Brooklyn. He has a reputation in the neighborhood as a boozing skirt chaser. We ate at a local restaurant that he frequents on Sunday after church, and one of the owners politely asked if she could ask Pastors Roger and Teresa a question. She wanted to know whether they know Pastor. They do. All too well. She asked if they had heard any of the stories, and commented that whenever she sees him she feels better about herself because obviously other people need to be "saved" more than she does. Pastor had been at the restaurant the night before. Apparently, while downing his fourth bottle of Merlot he blurted some highly offensive things to the owner. She wouldn't repeat his comments, but said that it wasn't the first time she had to remind him that he's a Christian. They've had to escort him out of the restaurant, and unseemly scenes with women play themselves out frequently. But he's what she called a "good" customer because he comes so often and spends so much on liquor. Please join me in praying for Pastor, and the people whose impressions of Christ have been affected by Pastor's behavior. The Bible promises a stiff price for believers who cause others to sin.


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