Sunday, June 26, 2005

How evangelistic are we, really?

Overwhelmingly, the media coverage of the crusade has been positive. But an op-ed from Sunday's NY Times, although similarly respectful, raised some hard issues.

"Indeed, most of those who come to hear Mr. Graham preach are already born-again Christians. Some may be 'backslid' in their faith or fighting drugs, but it is seldom the hardened sinner or the urban atheist who rises when Mr. Graham calls the folks forward to make a personal 'decision for Christ.' Typically, those who file down the aisles at a Graham crusade do so as a ritual of recommitment. It is a correction of one's compass, rarely a wholesale change of life."

From "A Voice in a Crowded Wilderness," NY Times (06/26/05). I'm not sure what qualifies the Times to write this, but it's worth considering.


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