Sunday, June 26, 2005

Everyone wants to know

... how an 86-year old southern preacher is relevant to urban kids. Leaving aside the historical significance of a man who'se spoken live to more people (210 million) than anyone else in history; the transforming power of His message that life has purpose and can be lived to its fullest; and even the spectacle of the moment itself, there's another reason for urban kids to experience a man like Billy Graham. He's aspirational. He started out a poor farm boy from down south. Now 86 years later, the greatest City in the world celebrates him as one of the greatest spokespeople for God that the world has ever known. Graham himself cannot explain his success except as the result of faithfulness to the calling and gifts God gave him. If a po' boy from the sticks can become who God made him to be, and in the process touch a few lives and change the world, surely a brother from the barrio can too.


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