Tuesday, May 24, 2005


What a week. California was great (more on that later), but yesterday was a huge faith builder for my son and me. Because of my trip to CA, we nearly missed the Carrasco visit to New York this weekend, but they extended their stay an extra two days so Judah was able to meet Samuel in Brooklyn last night. Regular readers of this blog know that Judah's been praying for Samuel since his leukemia diagnosis last August. One of his most frequent prayers is that Samuel will "jump as far as me." Last night, Judah experienced an answer to that specific prayer, as they chased each other with balloons from Sam's 5th birthday party, played cars, watched cartoons, and took turns jumping. From the ottoman to the couch, one after the other, Samuel jumping as far as Judah and vice versa. We serve such an amazing God who would allow a 4-year-old boy to experience so tangibly the answer to such a simple prayer of faith. Thanks again, "Samuel's Grandma and Grandpa," for your hospitality. My wife was amazed that Judah actually ate fish -- two servings! -- and wants to learn how to prepare tilapia just like you did.


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