Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Judah started school today

(For more pics, go here.)

You read that right. His first day of Pre-K was May 3, not September whatever. Technically he missed the age cutoff to start pre-K this year by two days. (His birthday is Jan. 2. The cutoff is Dec. 31.) Since Diana has been a full-time caregiver, no big deal. But she has had an opportunity to start an incredible job in the last month, a God-send for numerous reasons -- not the least of which is the lousy income I earn in full-time inner city youth ministry. Since her aunt and uncle pastor a local church with an excellent Christian school, a part-time (three-days-a-week) pre-K student now resides in our home. (A little well-placed nepotism goes a long way! Thanks again, Pastor Roger and Teresa.) And what a champ. He walked right into class this morning with confidence, introduced himself to the teacher, and made friends on Day One. Participated in "circle time," "story time," "play time," "lunch time," "snack time," and "nap time." Then grandma Arlene picked him up for tae kwon do, and Ms. Susan sent a note home: "Judah's easy to love. What a smart cookie." No doubt!


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