Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Am I Gay?

Last week, two friends of mine -- one from California and one from the Bible Belt -- mentioned that their respective 7 year old sons asked what it means to be gay. One framed the question as, "Am I gay?" Children that age should not have to stress sexuality -- gay, straight or otherwise. Sex is difficult enough for teens and adults to manage. Yet our over-sexed culture demands kids' attention. The apparent omnipresence of nearly-naked, sensual bodies and innuendo on t.v., radio, department stores, malls, billboards, and cartoons means that even the most protective parents cannot shield kids totally from the subject. What, then, are attentive parents to do? Be proactive, and learn a few lessons from my friends. They responded to their sons' curiosity without shock and horror. Instead, they framed the discussion in a Biblically sound, yet age appropriate way, with sensitivity and without judgment. And they vowed to stay engaged. Better their boys continue to ask them about sex than someone else.


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