Thursday, May 25, 2006

Speaking of Emergent

Read Tony Jones' pseudo-interview of "Porpoise-Diving" Bill Dahl here. Bill shouts us out in NYC:

Emergent Question #9: What blogs do you read regularly? Bill: Jim Henderson at Off-The-Map is on the cutting edge of some very important work. Rob McAlpine (“The Post-Charismatic”) is someone you must read regularly. John O’Keefe at is a staple. Jeremy Del Rio in New York City is out-in-front with engaging young adults in our culture and transforming institutions, communities and organizations. I adore Spencer Burke’s photography (especially the graffiti stuff). Frankly, most blogs bore me. I wish people would take more time to expand their thinking on some of the issues I read on the emerging blogs in the form of full-length articles. It’s just my personal preference I guess.
Thanks for the plug!


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