Thursday, April 27, 2006

A Glimpse into Judah's Future - Three generations in the making

Yesterday, an old friend of Pastor Joe's stopped by the office to say hello. As Wednesday is Pastor Joe's regular day off, I was set to take a message and send him on his merry way, especially since my father and I were preparing to leave for the Mission New York meeting. My dad, on the other hand, always makes time for people, often without regard to inconvenience. This was one of those times, and I, frankly, was annoyed because of our appointment. But my father welcomed the man, a perfect stranger to him -- but a friend of Pastor Joe's so by association a friend of his -- into his office, talked for ten minutes or so and invited him to tonight's service. Then this afternoon, dad asked if I would follow the documentary and conclude the meeting with an altar call. One man responded: Pastor Joe's friend, the same man for whom I had no time yesterday but with whom a few minutes of my father's attention resulted in a divine appointment tonight. When I returned to my seat, Judah grabbed me and whispered in my ear: "Dad, imagine that was me praying with that man?" No doubt about it: He has grandpa's DNA. God, forgive me for being so thick!


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