Sunday, April 09, 2006

Deeper Truths of the Passion Week

Mark Palmer passed away two weeks ago, but his wisdom lives on through his blog. I found this post of his (reposted by his wife today) that's so richly provocative:

"Sunday of Passion Week (Palm Sunday): We celebrated the sixth Sunday of Lent tonight as a community. Shared an evening meal with the Eucharist, said evening prayers, and burned our palm leaves to use next year on Ash Wednesday. For me, Passion Week is the climax of the Christian calendar. There is so much happpening, so much rich symbolism, especially during the 'Triumphal Entry' that we celebrated today. The mystery of the cursing of the fig tree, Jesus enacting judgement against the temple, his cryptic words about the mountain being thrown into the sea, his weeping over Jerusalem...there is so much here that our reductionist version of the gospel has not allowed us to see. My prayer this week is that the Spirit will show us the deeper truths of the Passion Week."
Remember to keep Mark's son Micah and his widow Amy in prayer.


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