Thursday, March 30, 2006

Help: Red Sox / Yankees by the Numbers

My sister in-law Tara (native New Yorker now a Massachusetts teacher) emailed the following desperate plea for help:

need your help...ok i am NOT a math teacher i teach writing to 5th graders BUT i still have to be part of a 5th grade MATH FAIR..yes math fair...anyway, two boys i paired up are rival NY/Boston fans. funny cause the boston fan is actually from the bronx!!!!! moved here like 4 years ago...the NY fan is from LAWRENCE just loves the yankees. anyway, can u think of some kind of project relating to/ comparing the two teams...something good for 12 year old ...maybe statistics or comparisons ...something relating to math...even will be fun for both of them and in the end we will look better no matter what but still fun ...see what u can come up with...even ask jeremy [what's with the "even" part of that?] if u have a chance. HURRY!! HELP. i stink at this stuff.
My response follows:
What about... Ratios of: - World Series Championships - American League Penants - Bitter disappointments - Years between chamionships - All-stars and hall of famers - Red Sox has-beens who won championships with the Yankees and vice versa Financial impact of Babe Ruth trade on both teams (short and long-term) Statistical comparison between all-stars at the prime of their careers (Nomar v. Jeter; Jim Rice v. Reggie Jackson; Ted Williams v. Dimaggio; Babe Ruth v. Babe Ruth) and the relationship between individual performance and team success. The amount of pressure released from Red Sox nation when they finally beat the Yankess after 80+ years.
Any other thoughts from the blogosphere? Show some love for Mrs. Laboy.


At 3/30/2006 09:09:00 PM, Anonymous Bill Dahl said...

1. Compare # of wins by each team with total team payroll. See if the percentage of RedSox payroll to Yankees Payroll has any relationship with year-end winning percentage.

a. Example get the year-end winning % for each team (from any baseball stats book or online).

b.Divide RedSox Team Payroll for the season by Yankees total season payroll to get a percentage figue.

c. Compare the percentages in A with percentages in B.

This will answer questions the RedSox win more games as their payroll percentage goes up?

At 4/04/2006 10:39:00 AM, Anonymous Richie V said...

Based on the last 86 years of history what is the probability of the red sox or YANKEES winning the World Series next year. Let's see, red sox 1/86 = 1.16% chance of winning, YANKEES 26/86 = 30.23% chance of winning the World Series!!!!!!!!!

Seriously though, based on last year's statistics for each player, you can have them figure out the team batting average, hits, hrs, rbi totals, on base percentage for this year's rosters using last years numbers just to get a current comparison of the two teams. You can also do it for the pitchers, wins, losses, era's, strikeouts, saves. So you can get a good comparison of this year's teams based on last years totals. batting avg = hits/ at bats, on base pctg = hits + walks/ total at bats, era = earned runs/ 9. This years final rosters will be announced Sunday, Monday is Opening Day. They can get all these stats on

PS This year's rosters are different from last year's because of trades and free agent signings, so every year the teams are a little different. Actually, the Red Sox are very different this year, they made a lot of moves in the off season.

PPS Red Sox Suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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