Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Not sure whether to feel guilty

I'm a big proponent of exercising our right (and responsibility) as American citizens to vote. I wrote an article on the subject last year, and urge friends and associates to vote even in off years for largely unknown candidates. Today is Election Day, and I forgot to vote. Actually, I didn't forget, just procrastinated until I forgot before it was too late. It wasn't a trivial election, either, as among others, the mayor was up for re-election. (He won handily, by the way.) How'd the hypocrisy happen? This morning, I decided on the way to work to wait until after work to vote. Then after work, I decided to take my son on a daddy-son date for soupy dumplings in Chinatown (he was at grandma's since a lingering cough kept him home from school). We drove home as the polls were closing, and I realized the error of my ways. I felt guilty for a minute, then remembered the fun my son and I had together and didn't care as much. So I apologized for him for being a bad example, and then thanked him for a wonderful night.


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