Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Judah's at it again

Last night, during dinner, Judah wanted to know how he could help mommy and daddy around the house. He kept pushing the issue, so Di said maybe he's ready to have some official chores. "Hooray," he shouted. "My very own chores!" He gave us "triple thanks" ("Thank you, thank you, thank you!") and "quadruple thanks" ("Thank you!" x4) and then wanted to get to work right away helping me with the recycling and trash. Afterwards, Di told him that if he's going to have chores, than we have to give him an allowance. After explaining what that meant, he offered more hoorays, and this time a few, "Can I clean my room now and get more quarters?" He negotiated a $.50 allowance (we'll throw in a few raises pretty quickly). Then we used the opportunity to teach him about tithing. It took a few tries to explain it in a way he understood (4 year olds don't typically talk in percentages), so he wanted a visual demonstration. He took me in his room and dumped the contents of his piggy bank on the floor. I gathered a handful of pennies, and showed him what 10% looks like. "One penny for God, nine for you; one more for God, nine more for you; and so on." After God was up to four pennies and Judah nearly forty, he interupted me. "That's not good enough," he said. "How 'bout we do it my way? We'll give God 78% and I'll keep 79." "Do you you mean you want to give God half?" He said yes. "That's means 50% for you and 50% for God," I replied. He said that's exactly what he meant, so he collected all his money into one big pile before splitting it in two. When the piles were roughly even, he grabbed an extra handful from his pile and said he wanted to give God an extra big gift so that he could get more to give even more later. We put his back in the piggy bank and collected God's in a zip lock bag for Sunday School this weekend. Faith like a child ...


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