Monday, October 31, 2005

This time last year

October 31, 2004, was the drop dead date our purported landlord gave us to move both Abounding Grace and Generation Xcel out of the building we occupy on 9 East 7th Street. They had served the 30-day Notice-of-Eviction on September 30, 2004, and demanded that we completely vacate the premises on or before Halloween. Meanwhile, New York's annual Halloween Parade ends with tens of thousands of revelers spilling into the neighborhood, making the date a special outreach day for us each year. The alleged landlord, a church from across the river in New Jersey, didn't care. (See Daily News article for summary.) After seeking an alternative, any alternative, including meeting with their board, requesting denominational mediation, and exploring other out-of-court mediation possibilities, we had no choice but to fight the unjust eviction in court.

A year later, we're still there. The wheels of Justice move slowly, but things have gone as well as possible fo us. First the judge ruled Generation Xcel could continue to operate Xpress out of the building's fourth floor. Then she agreed that the building's ownership is suspect -- we claim that the NJ church bought the building illegally -- and needs to be resolved before she could decide the merits of their eviction claim, because if they do not properly own it, they cannot evict us. And that's where we are, still litigating the ownership issue 12 months later.

Please continue to pray for us, and the number of significant dates remaining between now and the end of the year. We remain confident that God's will will be done in this situation.


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