Friday, October 28, 2005

Leadership, according to US News and World Report

"Leadership, as the public tells the pollsters, is in disappointingly short supply. So the 25 people profiled in the following pages are a heartening exception to the rule." Article.

My (quick) two-cents (I haven't actually read the articles yet):

  • Rick Warren is the only religious figure on the list. Is his inclusion more about book sales or leadership?
  • Techies abound, with Google, Apple, Ebay, and Microsoft represented. More evidence of revolution?
  • Media moguls include Oprah, Fox News, and C-Span (!). What am I missing by not watching C-Span?
  • Public officials are all minorities and/or women, except for the lone, active military figure. Political correctness or coincidence?
  • I really need to meet Geoffrey Canada. Anyone know him?


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