Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Hermes, may your family be blessed

A trailblazer in New York City ministry passed away last night after suffering a massive stroke on Sunday. Hermes Caraballo gave every ounce of himself for the sake of the Gospel as a teenage evangelist, pastor, and, most recently, the faith-based liaison to the Bronx Borough President. Long before faith-based initiatives had become a federal policy mandate, Hermes served in what he affectionately referred to as "Pharoh's Court." He understood the inner workings of city government and offered practical insights how to engage Christians in public service, as well as policy advocacy and healthy debate. Hermes will be missed by his elders, peers, and those of us emerging leaders that he invested in so generously. Our prayers are with his wife Rosa, his daughters, and all those whose lives he touched during this difficult time. The funeral will be Friday June 3, 2005. Viewing @1pm. Service @7pm. Location: Iglesia Christiana John 3:16, 864 Westchester Avenue, Bronx, NY 10459. Read the June 2 obituary from the NY Daily News here.


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