Tuesday, April 18, 2006

One of those God moments

On Easter Sunday Bill (Boom2's boyfriend) told me about his friend's son Jimmy, a homeless man who was found deceased on a park bench two weeks ago. Bill read about it in the newspaper and called Jimmy's parents to offer condolences. To his surprise, they shared that the tragic news was tempered by a phone call he received from Pastor Emilia Steele. It turns out Jimmy was a regular at the Apple's Core Coffee House, a weekly homeless ministry directed by Pastor Emilia at my father's church, Abounding Grace. One of 75 or so regulars, Jimmy had dedictated his life to Christ and asked to be baptized. Two days before passing away, he was, at a Thursday night service at the church! Jimmy's parents took great comfort knowing that their son, whose life on earth was plagued by alcoholism since high school, now dwells peacefully with Jesus.


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