Thursday, January 19, 2006

Whatever happened to [corporate] Welfare Reform?

Republicans have a credibility problem. The party that for decades championed the virtues of small government, private enterprise, and personal responsibility in its crusade for Welfare Reform has systematically created a corporate welfare state since assuming control of the Congress. Worse, they did so under what increasingly appears to have been less than savory circumstances.

"The key to their arrangement is a gimmick called the 'earmark,' by which the chair of the Appropriations Committee can attach small favors to spending bills without telling anyone. [The admittedly corrupt lobbyist] Abramoff called the Appropriations Committee under [Rep. Jerry] Lewis [R-CA] a 'favor factory.' And indeed, earmarks have taken off under Lewis. In 1998, Congress OK'd 2,000 earmarks, worth $10.6 billion. By 2004 earmarks had jumped to 15,584, worth $32.7 billion." Article.
Rudy, what are our friends at Acton saying about this?


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