Thursday, December 08, 2005

Big week for Jamie

[Jamie's Police Academy graduation, with Jonathan, mom, Taina, and dad. Click image for larger photo.]

My baby brother turns 26 on Saturday, and yesterday was officially crowned a rising star of the NYPD at the 5th Precinct's Awards Ceremony. He just finished his third year as a cop and received 6 commendations including:

  • Cop of the Month (December 2004, January 2005, June 2005)
  • Meritorious Police Duty
  • Excellent Police Duty and
  • Commander's Day (June 2005)

Apparently, he's also been nominated to receive a number of medals in the next few weeks. For the year, he has more arrests than anyone else in the precinct (almost 90), and his colleagues have dubbed him "21 Jump Street" for his youthful appearance and effectiveness undercover. Jamie's successes as an officer are no surprise, given his public service since the tender age of three. (Yes, 3!) Although he graduated from NYU's business school in 2001 and began a promising finance/marketing career at Bank of America, September 11 rekindled in him a life-long passion for criminal justice and he joined the NYPD. Previously, he co-founded Generation Xcel as a high school sophomore after ministering alongside mom and dad in Manhattan's lower east side since 1982.

Much love, and congratulations!


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