Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Off to Indy

Tomorrow morning, for the CCDA conference. It's officially my first one (although I did crash part of the conference in New York back in 2000; that's where I met Rudy). I'm participating in a panel and another "emerging leader" conversation. (There's that term again.) While I'm not sure exactly what that means or what the expectations are, these talks are usually fun. Louis Carlo ("CoCo") is going with me (although he thinks he's going for grad school credit). Among the friends I look forward to seeing again are Rudy, Tali Hairston, Corryne Deliberto, Dr. Ray and Steven Rivera, Dr. Louis Carlo, Sr., Larry Acosta, Noel Castellanos, Andrew Sears, Paul Baker, and I'm sure quite a few others. Also on the agenda: finally meeting virtual friend Bob Campbell live and in person. Let me know if anyone else from the blogosphere will be there that I should look up.


At 11/16/2005 09:32:00 PM, Blogger Bob said...

Looking forward to it!! We hit the road at 5 AM Thursday morn, should put us in Indy about 10. I see that you're speaking at the same time as my friend (whom I see every few years at something or other) Efrem Smith. You'll definitely want to meet Efrem. I spent a summer at the church of his youth, Park Ave. Methodist (Minneapolis) when I was in college. I believe it was the summer after he finished high school. High quality guy!


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