Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Perspective, part one

(Judah and Sammy at the Bibleman altar call last week.)
Last Thursday, Judah and I picked up his buddy Sammy for two days of boys-only fun. The first thing out of Sammy's mouth was that a man shot his brother six times "over there," and he pointed to the courtyard just outside his building. "See the blood?" he said. Sure enough, police tape marked the crime scene, and a white cloth stained red was still visible. The next day, the Daily News covered the story this way:

"Another man who lives in Campos Plaza and watched the attack from his window said the gunman casually walked away.

"'He was carrying that gun like it was a purse,' the man said. 'There's always shootings here, but not this early in the morning.'"


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