Monday, June 13, 2005

Not Guilty

It's a legal standard that means a prosecutor failed to prove a suspect's guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. A jury decided today that Michael Jackson is not guilty of molesting one particular 13-year-old-boy because Prosecutor Tom Sneddon failed to meet that standard. In post-trial interviews, the jurors mostly pinned their reasonable doubt on the boy's mother lack of credibility, specifically her shady past, suspect (greedy) intentions, courtroom antics, and inconsistent testimony. Jury verdict aside, Michael Jackson is still a wierd middle-aged man, innapropriate, pathetic, and quite possibly, a sexual predator. I feel for him. The excrutiating details of his childhood have been well documented in the press, along with his resulting loneliness, narcissism, self-mutilation, marital dysfunctions, and much more than any of us have a right to know. He needs prayer, and intervention from people who won't exploit him while helping him heal. And 24-hour security to prevent pre-pubescent boys from getting too close.


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