Thursday, May 12, 2005

Hip Hop prophets

From Jesus and the Hip Hop Prophets, by John Teter and Alex Gee (IVP, 2003):

"The biographies of Jesus ... include a story about three astrologers.... They were the first ones to figure out what God was up to, beacuse God wanted them on the inside. God could have communicated with them any way.... But these three saw the stars God had placed for them.... You would think the religious people would be in the front row for the birth of God's son. But it was the astrologers, not the stuffy religious folk, who were the first to give Jesus props and show him love. The religious people were too busy being religious."
And ...
"Jesus doesn't have weak beats. When he drops a beat or freestyles, our hearts hit heights we never knew existed. Jesus wants to be seen and he wants to be heard. And he wants to invite us into his inner circle."


At 5/12/2005 02:41:00 PM, Blogger Scott said...

This is such an excellent book. I used it successfully with students - both Christian & non-Christian - as a point of reference to talk about who Jesus is, what he is about, and how he relates to the nitty-gritty world we live in -- "even" hip-hop music.


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